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Low Life - 0.5% - American Lite Lager - 440ml - 12 Pack

Low Life - 0.5% - American Lite Lager - 440ml - 12 Pack

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Sometimes I don't want to get out my little book of hops and start taking photos for my Untappd review.

Lager, Lager, Lager

When I've come home from a run, throat dry, parched, when it's hot in the office, when I'm in the shower, when I want to shotgun a beer the second I get through the door cos im just gasping. Only an iced cold Lite Lager will do. Thoughtless, mindless utilitarian beer. Good quality crisp clean pilsner, mind you. Honestly, it's what every brewer drinks anyway.

  • Hops: It's Lager, it's delicious, who cares?
  • Adjuncts: I said it's Lager
  • Vegan - Lager
  • Are you deaf? I said it's Lager you damn lowlife!


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