What is a MASH GANG?

A bunch of friends who started brewing NOLO beers during the 1st lockdown. After a fairly successful first launch we went a bit rogue and made about 9 beers in 3 months, people kept wanting more so, we kept making them.

We didn't quite intend to start a company and carry on after lockdown ended, but here we are. 

Low Alcohol.. Why?

Craft beer was exploding, but so was the abv arms race, it was getting harder and harder to buy innovative new beers without a hefty 8% + booze rating. Instead of whining about it, which we did as well, we thought fuck it and would do it ourselves. 

How do you make it low alcohol?

No, it isn't unfermented wort, nah, we don't boil off the alcohol from a higher abv beer. We use standard brewing kit, with cutting edge brewing techniques and  high quality ingredients to bring full flavoured craft beers.

"Always brewed to strength, with premium ingredients" 

What is a phantom brewery?

We made the term up, as gipsy... or nomad brewer didn't ring true to us. Putting it simply, we don't own our own brewery, we design the beers and write the recipes but we don't have our own gear. It's not as rare and unusual as you think, especially in Europe. 

So where do you brew?

We brew our small batch runs at Northern Monk in Leeds, England and, our bigger runs are produced at Fierce Beer in Aberdeen, Scotland. We love to do collaborations too, so we end up on the road quite a bit visiting host breweries. 

Do you ship pallets?

Yes, we order discounts for palletised orders, if you have your own freight and collect, we'll hook you up a deal. Contact us.

Do you export?

Yes, contact us. We have label compliance for USA, EU, Most Nordic countries and Japan. 

 What's the deal with Mash Gang Australia?

Since we started we've been exporting out to Oz, as time went on, we started to feel it was really weird to be making all this beer here and shipping it over when we could just, make it there! Our buddy Trent took over and it's been been blowing up ever since!

Who is really in charge?

Sadly, the truth is, just us. 

We've heard it all, from being a shadow puppet of Diageo to being Brewdog in disguise. We assure you, that if that was the case we'd be in supermarkets by now, and none of us can do a passable Scottish accent. The business is 100% ours and we've taken on no investment (apart from the time one of poor parents had to lend us the cash for some labels). We are funded by our beer and merch sales, nothing more. Nothing against investment, just aint happened yet.