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Vegan mixed Subscription box - 12 Pack

Vegan mixed Subscription box - 12 Pack

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Mixed seasonal Vegan 12 pack on regular monthly subscription, with a sweet discount.


We try to provide a good mix of our beers and try not to repeat stuff too much. However due to the size of the business and speed of brewing cycle (4 weeks in the month, 6 weeks + to make a beer), inevitably there will be repeated items, uh, repeatedly. If you want a discount and don’t mind a surprise. This is for you. 


We now have a build your own box (one shot deal, not discounted hun, soz) if you prefer to be in control of your own destiny. 


Shipped every 30 days. All beers Vegan. All beers 0.5% or under. 


Please note we cannot confirm what will be in the box each month. 





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