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South of Heaven - 0.5% - Red Pilsner Lager - 440ml

South of Heaven - 0.5% - Red Pilsner Lager - 440ml

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👹 South Of Heaven 👹

Pilsner worth selling your soul for.

In the mid-2000s I lived just outside of Las Vegas, and, when I wasn't playing an endless stream of stranger and stranger music venues, like Skillet Cafe or Cafe Espresso Roma (incidentally the first ever time I would have a boba tea) some of the best shows I have ever played, and experienced. I didnt have too much more to do with my time but microwave boca burgers or go on long drives into the desert with my buddy Nick. If you want to know what hell feels like, it's the Nevada desert in mid summer.

One afternoon, being a total cheapskate in an off strip bar, I came across a beer called ‘Amberbock’ on draft. In a sea of almost identical American lagers, this was somewhat an oddity. It had a brown/red hue, it was actually pretty flavourful and a complete and utter anomaly. It was also, objectively dirt cheap. I fell in love with it immediately. This slightly fruity malty macro lager.

So here is my retelling of it, half red lager, half Amberbock. If you want a little more grit in your crispy boi. If you want a little less dryness and a little more fruity sweetness. Heck, if you just like to try something that is pretty rare, unfiltered but well conditioned. 

I know, I know another Slayer reference, forgive me. 


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