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Mash Gang

Sauvin Blanc - 0.5% - Experimental Luxury 01 - 330ml

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We designed this 330ml can for pairing with food (restaurants prefer 330s, I dunno why they just do) so it uses gratuitous amounts of Nelson Sauvin hops.

Dry, Acidic, Balanced

Wine tannins and has a dry and acidic finish. Ideal for pairing with. You guessed it. Food. This answers the question of “what is a nolo beer was wine instead?” Well there you go

  •  Hops: Nelson Sauvin
  • Adjuncts: none
  • Vibe: Fancy
  • Our beers are vegan and as such are free from all dairy an animal products and byproducts
  • Our beers on this site are never over 0.5% abv
  • Our beers are naturally produced by usual craft beer brewing processes.
  • We are independently owned and operated.