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Mash Gang

MG X Impossibrew - Red Alert - 0.5% - Red Ale - 440ml

MG X Impossibrew - Red Alert - 0.5% - Red Ale - 440ml

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Our relationship with Impossibrew has always been pretty close, heck, we go on vacation together. We've actually been on trips together four times in the last 12 months.

The nolo industry is close like that.  The inception of this beer came when we were all in the Rising Sun in Bethnal Green, I can't remember what we were celebrating, or why we were there, but we were!  There was a peculiar red IPA on tap that we just could not get enough of. It was like an east coast and west coast had been smashed together.

It was ugly, and I'm gonna be real with you this beer IS ugly. But it's all about what it does. A HUGE flavour profile, all the best bits of East and west coast IPAs - With caffeine AND the Impossibrew social blend. Undoubtedly one of the wilder beers we've made.

  • Our beers are vegan and as such are free from all dairy and animal products and byproducts
  • Naturally produced by usual craft beer brewing processes.
  • Independently owned and operated.


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