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Mash Gang

Like Icarus - 0.5% Wheat beer - 440ml - 4 Pack

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Our first wheat beer.

Zesty, Fluffy, Bright

The first NOLO beer I thought was pretty good was a wheat beer I had in a curry house in Berlin. This version is Belgian style, via American craft beer, rather than an authentic style. We used orange peel and coriander seed in the boil and a classic west coast ale yeast. Best served in a tumbler with a wedge of orange and a slice of lime.  

  • Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrueh
  • Adjuncts: Orange peel, Coriander Seeds
  • Vegan
  • I can't go, out to the store
  • I'll just wait 'till Mommy buys more
  • I'll just have, this wheat beer
  • If I get sick the toilet is near
  • Yeah, so I just butchered some Anthrax lyrics, what of it?