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Dope Soda - American Grape Functional Soda - 330ml - 4 Pack

Dope Soda - American Grape Functional Soda - 330ml - 4 Pack

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Sometimes we make products just for ourselves and hope you like them too. So here is Dope Soda 

On our last trip to the US we were blown away by the sheer variety of beverages. One thing we found missing in the UK offering was functional beverages that were not low-calorie or with a myriad of other health-focused measures.


I very much believe in soda as a treat. I’m not tinfoil hat about artificial sweeteners, they have their place, but I absolutely dislike them being shoehorned into every beverage. Why? I just don’t like the taste and sometimes only the sugary thing will do. We also prefer to strongly to have a choice when it comes to these things. So this one has some sugar.

When I say that ‘American grape flavour’ you know what I mean, Concorde Grapes. When I say flavour first functionals later, that’s exactly what I mean. It’s a nice soda and then there is a little bit extra. CBD, Lions Mane, Cordycep.

See I’m not even mentioning it till the end as it doesn’t matter that much. What do ya think?

  • Hops: It's a soda. I mean, it wouldn't be out of the question for us but not this time!
  • Adjuncts: CBD, Lions Mane, Cordycep.
  • Vegan
  • Real songs are about deals with the devil, far-off lands, and where you'd find smoke in relation to water. - Otto Mann


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